Writing great resume and cover letter is one of the most important steps you can take in securing your next perfect job in Kenya. Poorly written resumes and/or cover letters are one of the common reasons why many job seekers in Kenya do not even get the opportunity for interviews for job vacancies in Kenya.

Kazi Kenya Blogs has resources to help you write excellent resumes and cover letters. You can also download from our site specially selected resume and cover letter samples that you can customize to fit your needs for any Kenyan jobs.

Take the time to write excellent resumes and cover letters. Start with well-designed samples, rather than from scratch, and edit and customize to meet your needs before applying for any jobs in Kenya.

Have it checked for errors and typos by others to make sure that everything is fine. Do it right the first time before you apply for any job.

Remember, once the wrong resume and cover letter is out, there is no way to get it back and correct.

Please click here to download 16 CV Samples from Kazi Kenya Job resources.